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Past Eras Awaken, Volume 3

Verwehte Zeit erwacht, Band 3

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  • Verwehte Zeit erwacht, Band 3

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ISBN 978-3-87860-348-1
Dimensions 15,7 x 22,8 cm
Format Paperback
Language English

Volume III leads the reader into two great epochs in human history: the struggle for recognition and truth in Ancient Egypt and the fulfillment from out of the Light through Jesus the Son of God. The Reader learns the significance of the fall of the Archangel Lucifer, and how he brought affliction and misery upon mankind, who allowed themselves to be lead by him. Further writing: Nemare, son of the prince and later Pharaoh in Egypt, strives for Light and Truth in order to be a real sovereign to his people and guide them to the true recognition of God. The Darkness triumphs before he has fulfilled his task. With the Pharaoh Amenophis, good once more prevails. In El Amarna he and his daughter Nefertiti build the Temple to the Glory of the Creator. Egypt blossoms in the new belief in the One God. With their power relegated to the background, the priests plot destruction, which is unleashed by Tut-ench-amon. The volume ends with the account of unknown events in the life of the Son of God. Jesus recognises His task and mission. He begins to teach and finds the disciples and helpers for His work. This followed by the life and activity of the Apostles of the Son of God.