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Lao-Tse - Life and work of the Forerunner in China

Lao-Tse, Englisch

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  • Lao-Tse, Englisch

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Hitherto little is known of this great Chinese sage; we know hardly anything about his life and work.
In the book "Lao-tse", the personality of this leader of mankind on their path to the Light takes on form and shape. It was not fantasy that guided the pen, but genuine vision and recognition. Since nothing that was once a living happening is lost in Creation, he who is called for the purpose is able to record it. The time is ripe for us to grasp this and to recognise the connections right up to the closing of the cycle in the present time.

The outward happening is the life of Lao-tse from his earliest years is clearly and simply portrayed. Under the care of Lie-Tse the High Lama, the studious boy enjoys a happy childhood; as his companion through many provinces of the Chinese Empire, he gathers experiences in daily life, in his associations with people; he discovers their distortions, the vices of the big cities, the erroneous teachings of idolatry; he comes into contact with the ancient traditional knowledge, he learns to distinguish between right and wrong, and matures. He comes to recognition of his destiny. In the quiet and order of the monastery in Tibet he receives the ultimate knowledge, in order then to embark on the fulfillment of his mission.