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From the Heart of Africa

Aus verklungenen Jahrtausenden

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  • From the Heart of Africa

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In the “Book Series of the Grail Message Foundation”, the volume “From Past Millennia” depicts the life of Moses and the life of Abd- ru-shin during his first earthly existence. The lives of both men are linked with events at that time, when the people of Israel went out from their serfdom in Egypt into the Arabian desert, to the Sinai Mountains, where they received the Commandments of God as the guiding principle of their future life.

The narrative “In the Heart of Africa” falls into that period. It gives an account of the spiritual awakening of a small chosen tribe in the heart of Africa, up to their encounter with Abd-ru-shin, who was dwelling on earth at that time in the person of an Arabian prince in preparation for his Mission. In completing this Mission Abd-ru-shin was incarnated on earth for the second time in our era, in the person of the Bringer of the Grail Message, “In the Light of Truth”.

People living near him, called to do so through a special gift, wrote down what they were allowed to see spiritually of the great happenings that decisively marked the development of-mankind, from the beginnings in prehistoric times (Hjalfdar), through China (Lao-Tse), Iran (Zoroaster), India (Buddha), Arabia (Mohammed), down to our time.

Their accounts are reproduced in the “Book Series of the Grail Message Foundation”.

These accounts are supplemented by the present narrative.